Sonntag, 23. August 2015

Roots Magic - Hoodoo Blues & Roots Magic

Roots Magic is an Italian ensemble putting their jazzy blues interpretation in classic tunes by blues and jazz legends. The new album "Hoodoo Blues & Roots Magic" is out on Clean Feed Records.

The group that also contributes two original tracks on album consists of Alberto Popolla on clarinets, Errico Defabritiis on alto sax, Gianfranco Tedeschi on double bass, Fabrizio Spera on drums and guest Luca Venitucci on organ. As much as this record is about the blues it is also about various other musical genres that the blues is implemented in here. So you will find free jazz tracks, slow jams, afro grooves and many more.

Stream two tracks on Bandcamp or check out the release on the label's homepage.

Sweat Lodge - Talismania

Putting together a variety of elements that any rock fan should appreciate Sweat Lodge from Austin just released an incredible album on Ripple Music. "Talismania" is available since early August and bursts with a heavy dose of rock'n'roll energy.

There is something retro about the sound of this band and a unique blend of blues and early metal that really sets it apart from all the current retro-rock trends. Clean vocals, heavy riffs and an old school approach make this record a great and intense ride.

Get the full stream on Bandcamp.

Mittwoch, 19. August 2015

Grizzly Gato - While You Were Sleeping

Hailing from New York City the Grizzly Gato rap duo just released an incredible album called "While You Were Sleeping".  The group consists of Oddy Gato, Grizzly Grimace and a timeless hip hop approach.

This is dirty rap over flawless and fresh beats. There have already been a few single releases featuring some nice visuals for the outstanding tracks "Pork Belly" and "Wieners" (videos below). You will find funky and old school vibes in every tune on this record and the dope combination of beats and rhymes show that this is a collaboration that just had to be done.

Get the full stream and all kinds of digital and physical forms of this album on Bandcamp.

Praise Poems Vol. 2 - A journey into deep, soulful jazz & funk from the 1970s

Although Tramp Records is known for some incredible compilation series the second part of their "Praise Poems" collections turned out to be a pretty early successor. It seems like the label's stock of rare soul gems will never be depleted

Apparently it was Abraham Battat's "Fly Away", the opener, that inspired the Tramp Crew for this quick release and who could blame them? With is soothing sounds this track really impersonates the spirit of this series. But there is still more to this compilation like rhythm and blues sounds by Jimmy Briggs or funky jazz jams in Third Stream's "In A Galaxy Far Away" or Joe B's "The Dude". Every tune features a nice laid back feeling that hides a lot of musical quality to discover and is thus far from any form of the traditional and cheesy easy listening genre.

Get some clips on Soundcloud. Release will be in early September.

Montag, 17. August 2015

Century Palm - Valley Cyan 7"

Following last year's excellent selftitled EP Toronto's Century Palm are about to drop a new single on the equally excellent Deranged Records.

On the new 7" record you will find the lead single and a second track in "Accept" on the flipside. "Vally Cyan" is another example of the band's unique synthesizer-laden punk sound which is accompanied by a hymn like chorus and a great drive.

Stream or download the track for free on Bandcamp. Vinyl will be available in a few days.