Dienstag, 9. Februar 2016

Revolutionary Rhythm - Raw Rhythm Vol 1

Among all the rap artists that offer their music for free Revolutionary Rhythm from Los Angeles might be one of the names ranking at the top of that list. The successor to their incredible "The Art Gallery" was released a few days ago and goes by the name of "Raw Rhythm Vol. 1".

The group consists of DJ Million Faces and emcees Kid Million and Predominance. Their sound is the product of a nice blend of what everybody brings to the table. The mix of school beatmaking and the complementary flows of the two rappers creates a dope style of positive hip hop. From the great opener "Soul Motion" to slow tracks like "Day In The Life" or uptempo tunes like "Rock The Beat" you can find it all on this record - and you will always find it in a fresh sounding and uplifting fashion.

Get the full stream and free (as in "name your price") download on Bandcamp.

Infinite Flux S/T Album

Infinite Flux from Tacoma, Washington are presenting a huge load of riffs and doom metal vibes on their brand new selftitled record.

Right from the start they let you know where the journey is going on this record - heavy riffs, thundering drums, stomping rhythms and heavy riffs again. What doesn't sound like a very complex concept sometimes evolves to something even bigger than the riffs, as you can witness in the incredible second track "Solar Sacrifice". The simple structures add together and evolve to a floating monster of a doom metal composition - and that's where the name Infinite Flux comes into full effect.

Stream the whole album on Bandcamp.

Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2016

James Allsopp Quartet - I'm A Fool To Want You

It seems like this blog is pushing everything that is released on Impossible Ark records even if it's "just" some new renditions of jazz standards - but who could argue with the quality on this artist run label?

Your album personnel is the classic Impossible Ark ensemble including saxophonist James Allsopp, pianist Ross Stanley, bassist Rian Vosloo and Tom Giles on drums. Spanning tunes like "That Old Feeling", "On A Clear Day" or the title track "I'm A Fool To Want You" this album stands for everything a jazz fan could ask for - and this time I even mean the ones only looking for the standard jazz sounds - after all this is a collection of standards, interpreted nicely by a group of talented and passionate instrumentalists.

Get the stream on Bandcamp.

Montag, 1. Februar 2016

Spacin' - Total Freedom

Philadelphia's Spacin' are all set to deliver a very special dose of rock and roll on their brand new album "Total Freedom" in late March. 

The band consists of singer and guitarist Jason Killinger, guitarist Paul Sukeena, bassist Sean Hamilton and Eva Killinger on drums. From front to end this record is all about steady grooves and fuzzy lo-fi sounds. There is a floating character to all the songs created by endless jams while here and there some nice grooves and classic blues elements evolve and disappear through the infinite fuzz. Prepare to give this one an honest and worthy ride otherwise you won't be able to appreciate this unique rock monster.

Get the full stream on Bandcamp.

Sonntag, 31. Januar 2016

V.A. - Praise Poems Volume 3

It seems like it's been almost yesterday that Tramp Records started their "Praise Poems" series and now there is already a third installment to this fabulous collection of rare jazz and soul tracks.

Don't let the picturesque coverart fool - as heartwarming as all of these tunes from the 70s might be, they are far from being unremarkable or just pretty. Just like on its predecessors you will find highly funky rhythms and deep jazz grooves among those carefully constructed vocal melodies. And there's another recurring theme: Especially the opener to this compilation series is always a priceless piece of soul music like Feather's "Be Real" on this one.

Stream some clips on Soundcloud. Release will be in mid February.