Dienstag, 25. November 2014

Wordsworth & Hex One - Buy Time

Let me introduce you to another great Hip Hop label named Mic Theory Records. It is home to String Theory's excellent s/t record and the talented Epidemic rap duo. Hex One, one half of the duo is also featured on the latest digital release by Wordsworth.

The new single "Buy Time" is an incredible laid back rap track with jazz samples and great production by Monowax. The virtual B-side features an equally impressive tune in "Soul on Paper" by Hex One. Emotional lyrics over a dusty and grooving beat make this one a real stunner. Take this small release as an introduction to more great rap music you will explore through these artists and this label.

Get the stream on Bandcamp.

Montag, 24. November 2014

An Introduction to ATA Records: Funk, Soul and Afro Rarities

Here & Now Records just added another release to their funky roster. The new compilation focusses on the works of the Leeds-based record label ATA and their tunes from the 60s and 70s.

What you can hear on the twelve tracks is not only a well documented history of a great label but also some of the funkiest british tracks from this decade. Just like the title suggests, you will also find some heavy afro influnces in the tracks by "The Sorcerers", a serious funk banger in Cleveland Freckleton's "The Flip" or dynamic sitar sounds on Ivan von Engelberger's Asteroid's track "Thought Forms". And let's not forget those incredible slow jams like "Hawkshaw Philly". You will really find all kinds of grooves that the funk  genre can give you.

Get the full stream on Bandcamp.

Freitag, 21. November 2014

The Journeymen - The Four Corners

There are probably countless artists out there that share the name with this rap group from Bristol. But when I'm talking about The Journeymen you know exactly what's coming, right? Exactly, its the rap formation that appeared on the "Where Pathways Meet" compilation with a bonus track off the sessions for this record.

Ealier this month the new album "The Four Corners" was released on AE Productions. 10 new tracks by the four MCs Coherent, Gee Swift, Rola, Truck and Mr. Fantastic on turntables. Every tune features well produced beats and fierce and gritty rap character. It's Hip Hop done the old school ways - a DJ and a group of rappers doing their thing without any artificial flavours. 

Get the full stream on Bandcamp or buy the album here.

Donnerstag, 20. November 2014

Perfect Toy Records Free Download Selection

Even though this one might be already a bit more than a year old, it is still here and free to download. What I'm talking about is a digital record that features some essential tracks that appeared on Perfect Toy Records.

It's not quite easy to find a lot about the German label on the internet except for a close connection to Tobias Kirmayer's Tramp Records. But maybe we should just let the musicians on this compilation speak. Here we find incredible Jazz artists like Deep Jazz, Hipnosis or Cesar's Salad, funk gems by Tommy Dark or Chet Ivey & His Fabulous Avengers and even some fresh raps by Numskullz' "G.O.D." - and it's all for free. This is a great introduction into an interesting record label you should look out for in the future.

Get the stream and download on Bandcamp.

Dienstag, 18. November 2014

Mt. Mountain - EP

Mt. Mountain is a five piece rock band from Perth that will take you on an intense psychedelic trip. Combining interesting moods with a floating blues character this group really creates an indivdual approach to the rock genre.

Their latest release which is plainly entitled "EP" features five excellent tracks. From the start this record knows how to impresss with a kind of mood that will be your best friend while relaxing or a late night's drive. Sometimes you might even miss the transitions from one song to another on this trip. While other records are about special moments this one is one special moment in itself, stretching over 25 minutes with psychedelic guitars, slow rhythms and soothing vocals.

Get the full stream on Bandcamp and look out for the new single "Chantry" which will see its release soon.