Montag, 6. Juli 2015

The Sorcerers - The Sorcerers

If you happen to remember an older post on a very special introduction to ATA records you might be familiar with the name of "The Sorcerers". Because even on this high quality compilation their two tracks definitely marked some highlights.

Now the dynamic group from Leeds is about to release their debut record on the very same label. The sound of The Sorcerers is rooted in a very groovy interpretation of Ethiopian vibes and vintage horror movies. So the name of the first single "The Horror" doesn't really come as a surprise. When you know that even Mulatu Astatke is overwhelmed by this group, you should realize that something big is coming your way. And everything that you can already listen to is a perfect proof of quality. You will find excellent grooves, intense vibes and a very dynamic instrumentalists.

Get the stream on Bandcamp.

Donnerstag, 2. Juli 2015

Speedometer & Junior James - No Turning Back

When London's Speedometer prepare to release a new record you always have to prepare for a big tremor in the funk and soul genre. The name of the album is "No Turning Back" and it is everything you would expect from this ensemble and even more.

The group's version of "Happy" already made the latest Craig Charles Funk & Soul collection. But aside from stunning instrumentals this new album awaits with an incredible and fresh voice in James Junior. The singer who is already compared to the greats of his craft (Donny Hathaway & Stevie Wonder) puts some nice vibes in the tunes on "No Turning Back". And eventually he even presents his interpretation of one of Hathaway's songs in "I Showed Them (The Ghetto)" - a very charming and successfull incorporation of a classic soul track. But James Junior also knows how to impress with his own style and there aren't a lot of bands out there who could give him a better groundwork to unfold his voice in. One of the greatest funk and soul albums this year will see.

Stream some clips on Soundcloud or below.

Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2015

Laserblast - World Beater

Hailing from Wiesbaden (Germany) Laserblast is a four-piece band that showcases their own brand of heavy rock music on their debut EP "World Beater".

There is certainly nothing pretty about the band's sound on this release but a lot of times that's the first step to producing a great rock and roll record. Thus you can still feel the high dose of energy pumping through the riffs of "The Conqueror Worm" and the fierce vocals of "Prism Break" - and after all that's what you call beauty in the stoner and sludge-rock genre. Speaking of sludge, you won't find any stomping Melvins-like rhythms or squeaking guitar breakdowns on this EP. It is more about the sludgy vibes through raw sounds that you will find clothed in straight forward rock songs.

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Dienstag, 30. Juni 2015

Estee Nack & Purpose - 14 Forms "The Book Of Estee Nack"

Tragic Allies members Estee Nack & Purpose collaborated for an incredible album on Ill Adrenaline Records. Producer Purpose already worked with names like Paranom or Killah Priest and is contributing his trademark vibes on "14 Forms: The Book Of Estee Nack".

Rapper Estee Nack really sounds like he has something to say in this book. His conscious flow over laid back beats is the recipy for the high quality brand of hip hop on this album. The first single "T.I.M.E" is a perfect example for what I just told you. But you will also find a lot of different vibes as you can hear on the opener "Lazy Day Chillin'". To make it short this is just the kind of thing that every hip hop head needs. The album dropped one week ago - you can get it on various platforms or listen to the full thing on Youtube.

Sonntag, 28. Juni 2015

Zetzum Zorglub - Zetzum Zorglub

There is a very remarkable sense for beautiful harmonies in the minimalistic Nordic Jazz tradition. Guitarist Buster Jensen's project Zetzum Zorglub and his album under the same name is no exception to that rule.

The group is completed by Kaare Bjerke on bass, Andreas Moller Bottiger on saxophone and piano, Sven Dam Meinild on saxophone and clarinet, Mikkel Aagaard Nielsen on trombone and Kristoffer Toffoj on drums. They all find their own spot between Jensen's fragile guitarwork which evolves from free wandering to the aforementioned beautiful harmonies. Somehow it's a very cinematic approach which creates its own landscapes as it moves through calm sceneries and spectacular peaks. The excellence of this album lies in the minimalistic, sometimes looping structures and most of all in the intensive moments it creates.

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