Sonntag, 10. April 2016

Dday One - Gathered Between

It's a good thing beatmaker Dday One decided to reconstruct some old tracks by memory that had been lost in one of those familiar hard drive crashes. The result is his latest and fifth album "Gathered Between" which is a real beauty for any fan of honest and dusty beatmaking.

Compared to lots of other contemporary beatmakers the first thing that strikes about these tracks is the organic sound composition. It's almost like the playing of a rather unconventional band with the eventual use of vocal samples. In doing so Dday One accomplishes to create intense and original vibes that might remind you of early records of the beatmaking era.

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Montag, 4. April 2016

Uranium Club - Human Exploration

"Human Exploration" by Uranium Club is probably one of the most uncompromising traditional punk records released in recent months. It marks the band's debut album and was released on the classic Static Shock Records.

From the first notes in the opener "Black Semen" you will know that its going to be a rough, simplistic and catchy ride - and this is exactly what you will get on the full record. The heavy hitting guitar chords and gnarly vocals put otherwise pretty straight forward and even melodic sounding tunes in a very rumbling old school outfit. A track like "The Misadventures Of Prissy Krissy" on the other hand, showcases a band that knows well to go beyond the short and easy punk structures and how to develop a mature rock song.

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The Tibbs - Next Time / The Story Goes

The Tibbs are the latest installment to the explosive roster of Italy's finest label Record Kicks. The band from the Netherlands released a brand new vinyl single in an old school soul fashion.

The lead single "Next Time" is an uptempo soul groover with funky ska rhythms and a strong female voice. On the flipside you will find a cozy rhythm and blues track that'll swing you right into a good mood. The "7 single is a forerunner for the upcoming full-length album "Takin' Over" which will be released in late May.

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Donnerstag, 31. März 2016

Soundsci - Ronin '7

As a first taste of their upcoming full-length album "Walk The Earth" Soundsci released a brand new double-sided vinyl single.

"Ronin" is a brilliant downtempo track featuring flute samples and the trademark high quality raps. On the flipside you will find the opposide in "All Hands On Deck" - a fast throwback tune with hard hitting snares, heavy scratches and guests DJ Woody & Mr. Thing. Besides the new album this is the first in three single releases by this dynamic rap crew.

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Spectateur - Yateveo

The French Touch Connection presents the first full-length album by Spectateur from Angers. "Yateveo" was released a few weeks ago and features eleven tracks of excellent beatmaking.

There is a very dark and cinematic vibe to each sound on this record. The production is very clear and comes to you in a flawless sonic outfit. The dynamics on tracks like "Bipolar Every Days" or "Sorry" make the bleak and intense atmospheres really come to life. Guest appearances feature rappers Jeremiah Bonds, Lowschool, Nouvel R and L. Atipik.

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