Sonntag, 21. September 2014

Telepathy - 12 Areas

After their successful "Fracture" EP it was only a matter of time until the british band Telepathy would end up releasing a complete album. The instrumental rockers already received a number of positive reviews and "12 Areas" is another example of the band's monstrous sound and dynamic songwriting.

From the first note Telepathy does one thing foremost: creating atmospheres. Minimalistic tensed atmospheres that are bound to burst into huge riffs and rhythms. A sound that walks on the thin line between chaotic structures and certain monumental feeling. Carried by heavy rhythms and solid riffing, there is always a melodic element to the tracks which shines through the noisy guitars. Yet, the standout feature of this band is its capability to switch between different moods, to combine the heavy with the melodic and to know just when to flip the switch from calm to passages to loud ones - in short: the dynamics.

You can stream and get "12 Areas" for a price of your choice at Bandcamp.

Freitag, 19. September 2014

Scott Ramirez - Encarta '95

Scott Ramirez just published his new video for "KnowledgeX2" - reason enough to feature his new album "Encarta '95" where this track is taken from.

It is one of those diamonds travelling through the spheres of soundcloud - underappreciated and free to download. With the Doppelgangaz crew on production this album contains a gritty and flawless sound that makes the perfect breeding ground for Ramirez' rhymes. Instead of multiple hooks or flashy features "Encarta '95" shines with a more sophisticated approach. Each track strikes the listener with its individual structure and conscious lyrics. Still, the moods, flows and beats on this album are highly entertaining and definitely worth your time. On a total of 8 songs, Scott Ramirez features not only the Doppelgangaz but also Rez Raida, HyDeff, Jaff Daniels, Don Beats, Tray Starks and Mike Mystic.

Get the free download on Audiomack or the stream on Soundcloud.

Donnerstag, 18. September 2014

Beats Cartel 2014 Sampler

The Australian booking agency and record label Beats Cartel just released a nice collection of blues inspired records from various bands and songwriters.

There's probably no other way than to open an Australian blues rock sampler than with the three guys of The Royal Artillery,who are no strangers to this blog. But there are also some other bands on this one like Cotagent or Deadweight Express that can rock just as dirty and heavy. The mentioned singer-songwriter section consists of the stunning voice Claire Anne Taylor, a live version of Tom Richardson's "Mistakes & Ladders" and Benjamin James Caldwell's impressing "Rosie". There is yet some more good stuff on the complete 12 tracks like some nice acoustic jams but why don't you find out yourself, it's for free.

Get the stream and download on Soundcloud.

Mittwoch, 17. September 2014

Spiritual Jazz 5: The World

What can you say about Jazzman Record's Spiritual Jazz series? Time and time again it proved to be one of the best compilation series out there and volume five is raising the bar yet again. The simple title "The World" displays the various roots of these rare jazz pieces, which have almost never seen a reissue.

Jazzman's digging brigade worked their way through tons of records from all over the world. The result is a collection of deep jazz tunes from south America, Japan, eastern Europe and various other places. The main focus is on tracks from 1961-1979, a time in which jazz played a crucial role in the contemporary music scene, unlike today. The sounds on Spiritual Jazz 5 show interesting rhyhtmic approaches and always know how to create a very own atmosphere. Tracks like "Mezare Israel", "Half and Half" or "Raga Rock" are perfect ensembles for those perfectly orchestrated pieces that still provide certain surprising and challenging elements. This compilation showcases the spreading and development of jazz forms in a highly interesting chapter of the 20th century, featuring a geographic versatility and exposing some incredible tracks to a new generation.

You can get the full stream on Bandcamp.

Montag, 15. September 2014

Beatnik City Presents: The Rio District Vol.1

The discovery and remixing of brazilian rhythms and grooves continues as the brand new label Beatnik City is releasing "The Rio District Vol. 1". It is packed with latin-flavoured productions by some of the greatest remixers and re-editors out there.

Every track features an absolutely fresh summer groove. Fab Samperi, Smoove, Daytoner and many more show their excellent skills at working effectively with samples and staying true to the original tunes. While every track is put into a modern outfit, you can still hear the infectous brazilian rhythms that are on the foundation of these tracks. Beatnik City focusses on the sounds of the 60s and this trip to Rio is just the first adventure of this young label.

You can get a get a preview of each of the 7 tracks on Soundcloud or buy the release on Juno.

Samstag, 13. September 2014

Mammal Hands - Animalia

If I had to give an award to the best jazz label 2014, Gondwana Records would definitely be in the discussion. After some incredible releases by Matthew Halsall or GoGo Penguin, the new album by Mammal Hands has the full potential to be a part in that list.

With Nick Smart on piano, Jordan Smart on saxophone and Jesse Barrett on drums the trio features a classic lineup. Just like their label-mates GoGo Penguin they are more oriented towards a more or less minimal kind of songwriting. Mostly it is a simple piano pattern that carries the track over a clever arranged rhythm. The saxophone is usually occupied with playing the lead melodies which evolve out of the piano pattern that is the keystone to the songs structure. It is also the key to the tracks' steady movement that flows through different moods and dynamics. Mammal Hands prove how simple and effective jazz compositions can be. As always - making the complex and difficult things look easys, that is certainly what is happening on this record.

You'll find two tracks streaming on the group's Bandcamp.

Donnerstag, 11. September 2014

The Downtown Rulers Club EP

There is a new soul band in town featuring Beto Martínez (Brownout & Grupo Fantasma) on guitar and Alex Chavéz on vocals. The Ben Hito-styled cover above is proof that their debut EP is released through no other than the incredible Paris DJs crew.

The group is completed by Greg Gonzalez on Bass, Jeremy Bruch on Drums, Josh Levy on Saxophone and Mark Gonzalez on Trombone. Their genuine sound is rooted in classic funk breaks and contemporary soul. Working their way through slow ballads like "Standby" and swingin funk tracks like "All My Stories" the Downtown Rulers Club always stays true to the principles of solid song writing and a flexible grooves. On every track you can really hear the presence of veteran musicians. It shows in the accurate arrangement and instrument of the songs. There is not one chorus, brass section or guitar solo to many on this record. Still, this music carries a genuine and original character that is clothed in perfectly orchestrated song structures.

You can stream the full EP on Bandcamp.